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All We Got lyrics

by Rapture Ruckus

CHORUS: [x2]
All We Got Is A Rock An' A Roll
The Only Way That I Know How To Get Home
All We Need Is Four Wheels An' A Road
Now Turn It Up Slow Till Your Speakers Explode

And Blow A Hole In The Wall
Are You Ready To Ball?
Are Really Ready To Rock Or Ready To Fall?
This Is A Call Going Out From The Ends Of The Earth
From New Zealand To Manila From New York To Perth
This Is The Sound Of The Underground Out Of The Dark
The Sound Of A Redeemed Soul Who's Spilling His Heart
Spilling It Through Rhythm And Rhyme
Every Time I Flip An Inspired Rhyme Without Even Trying
I'm Prophesying, Speaking The Truth
To Every Man Woman And Child Geriatric And Youth
And When I Step In The Booth Best Prepare For The Wolf
Because I'll Huff And I'll Puff And I'll Blow Off The Roof
And I Don't Know What You Know What Ya Heard Of My Flow
Still The Realest Thing Running The Realest Thing That I Know
Still Trotting The Globe The Road Leading To Home
The Road Leading To Freedom When My Soul Will Be Home


Boom Like A Boom Box Banging Down The Block
Like Old School Hip Hop Getting Sampled An' Chopped
And As They Pop And They Lock
To The Boom And The Bap
The Music's So Soothing
It's Moving From The Front To The Back Of The Room
Singing Out Of Tune It Doesn't Matter
Just Bring Your Friends To The Dance Floor
Man It's Mind Over Matter
No Matter If You Can Dance
Or Just Clap Ya Hands
This Is The Chance Ma Man Why Don't You Pull Up Your Pants An'
This Is The Moment Of Truth The Moment Of Proof
The Moment You Own It Before Your Moment Goes Poof
Before The Dreams Are Gone And You Back All Alone
In Your Bedroom On Your Bed Singing Into A Comb


BRIDGE: [x2]
This Ain't What You Know, Same Flow No
You Never Know What's Coming Next No No
You Think You've Heard Of It But No You Haven't Though
Turn It Up Slow Til Your Ears Explode


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