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Echo Off the Sky lyrics

by Poema

Listen to me now,
Don't go any further than
I'm saying this out loud
you don't have to pretend.
It only took a couple minutes just to figure this out.
We can do anything if we live life without a doubt. (Yeah.)

Some people hope to find
something extraordinary in
turning one page at a time.
They don't know where to begin.
It looks like I just happen to know you by name, by name.
You can force the piece to fit but the puzzle is not the same.
Oh the same.

Looks like were gonna sing it now
until the very last light goes out.
Then were gonna close our mouths
and listen to hear ouselves
echo off the sky tonight.
Oh I want the simple life.

Da, da, da, da, da.

Don't be sorry if you don't
play the melody just right.
I just want you to show
me one more song tonight.
Looks like grass is growning between the cracks in the sidewalk
and theres pealing paint that lines up the parking lot.

I find the world in His fingers
He wont let me fall, let me fall.
In the wind He is speaking.
You're not at fault, He paid it all.

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