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Noticeable lyrics

by Pocket Change

This world has changed and
I don't feel safe here.
All of this violence has
left me so shaken.
Ignorance is no way to live
and if you could open your
eyes and just give a little,
we would feel so much safer.

We've already demolished what we had.
There's no more beauty left to give.
So listen to me man.
We are like brothers.
We both have the same hearts and
they both have been broken.
We both have lived these sheltered lives
and we both have heard all the flippin' lies.
At lease we know now.

Our dreams should be fulfilled and not shattered.
As long as we're here it doesn't matter.
We'll come together and be as one.
And when we've left our mark it will all be done.
© 2000 Resurrection a.D.

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