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High School Reunion lyrics

by Pigeon John

Just bang with it
Dedicated to Hawthorne High
Just bang with it

I'm just another rapper trying to make the hands clapper
Be in Teen Bop magazine that's what I'm after
But lately things ain't doing to well
Trying to excel but still in my Tercel
And one light's broke the other don't work
So I can't take my girl out at night yo what a jerk
Well anyway I got a brand new demo
A hit song that's takes me to Jay Leno
Then I can finally treat my girlfriend right
And go swing dancing in the middle of the night
Cause I've been shopping my little demo for three years
And I'm tired of hanging out with the same peers
I wanna sow and grow and plow with my rhymes
But most of my friends love to waste time
I'm speaking on the real
I'm sick of basing my whole life on a record deal

I should've known yo I should've known
Should've got a real job and digital phone
My highschool reunion is soon from now
And I only got two dollars in my checking account boy
I should've known yo I should've known
Should've got a real job and digital phone
Maybe a wife and some kids and picket fence
But now I get by trying to scrape up rent

My most people my age is in a corporation
Not in the Inglewood jail for a citation
With my girl out there she bailing me out
Most of you niggies don't know what I'm talking about
You got a pretty wife and two kids up in the crib
I'm eating canned chili with no shirt showing my ribs
What I'm gonna say when they ask "what I been up to?"
I'm looking for a record deal and looking for work too
They say they got a PHD
Ni***s I'm eating chili burritos at Taco

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