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No Place Like Home lyrics

by PAX217

I wanna go home been gone so long
Remeber the way it was when Dad and Mom
Now it's gone but somethin gota keep the family strong
So we keep holdin to each other and our faith in God
Is what keeps us sane and carries us on
So kids from now on ya betta recognize
That there's no place like home
No place like home
Some sat that home is where the deart is
Not just your heart but your brothat and your sista
Your mother and your father that's where it's at
Fell in love said I do I you than carried you
Into the world that you once knew
Now it broke in two and ya don't know what to do
Brought tears to your eyes that made you realize
That there's no place like home
No place like home
take take take take me home
Yeah I grew up in a Christian house
Listenin to Psalty and Charity Church Mouse
Never did I know and never did I guess
That 18 years later our home would be a mess
Don't get all the treason don't know all the reasons
Why life takes turns good and bad searson
Something's gotta mend these ripped up hearts
Whatever happened to death do us part
Mom n dad come back around
Breakin' me the family tree gettin shut down
No place like home
Take take take take me home
© 2000 Forefront

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