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Gratitude lyrics

by PAX217

Get up get up get up
With the gratitude
Get up get up get up
Like this
So what the hecht do you think that you can talk to me?
As a matter of fact this band that we have means more to me
Than I could understand
It's sorta like Jell-O the longer we hang
We edify each other and build that thang
Unitin' lovin' countin' for each other's own
One of the many things that I'm thankful for
Whoa whoa
I sing a simple song for You
Gotta gotta get it get it get it gratitude
A song of gratitude
If you think that luck had started it all
Think again my friend
It's the God without an end
He hyped and saved my dirty dingee soul
Then He gave me a microphone
An inside to show
Now bring it on Mr. Pigeon John
And tell the people how you get your gratitude on
Wait wait wait oh shoot
Look at me real cute
Gotta switch my attitude to gratitude
And thank the Lord for my friends and my crew
All the ups and the downs in this big life stew
And it gets kinda confusing sometimes
But we gotta let it slide and let the sun shine
Oh Kay you made the beds and washed the socks
Pops you put the bacon on the table
You gave me a name I live with it proud
And jump in the crowd and let it shine
And what's mine is a gift
You know we come to lift heads and emotions
To serve one Master with devotion
© 2000 Forefront

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