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He Will Come lyrics

by Patrick Holmes

O, there is strength in my helplessness.
Yes, I saw life in his light, as He shone.
For is here when I'm alone.
And I know that He will make a way, and so I pray;
Father send, send our advocates; Jesus and the Comforter.

He will come, He will come, He will come and we'll rejoice.
We will know, We will know, We will know that He's here
And you won't lack and you won't fear.
Yes, He saw my weakness, and He heard my cry.
And He will come.

I remember when I was dead in sin.
Now, by your grace alone, I will be,
In your love which has no end.
And with your hand you will wipe away the tears, for I know you're near.
So let us feel, feel your presence and, let us see, the Holy One.


Bridge (instrumental)

O, Jesus help us to be patient, so
Through His spirit, longsuffering we'll endure.
Believers trust, be still and rest in the truth
that you'll one day see his face, for we know by faith; that
He will come, and He will rise again and the world will know, that He is God.


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