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Temptation lyrics

by Opposition Of One

Caught in this temptation no way back no way ahead.
Seems so terrible hopeless cause it has happened for so many times.
What is the right answer, which one the right way to go,
Won't somebody please help me to find a way straight out.

If i could see life (for) as hard as it is
Maybe it would become more real.

So many whispers in my head don't know from where they come.
Is there an angel's voice and does he have good intetions with me.
Or is it a demons voice which wants to lead me anywhere
trying to push me out of my way in this pain again.

If i could see life...

And after a long time of agony i was reminded.

I have a father he knows what's deep inside me.
I have a father he cares for me.
I have a father he knows whats deep inside me.
I have a father he told me so.

Push back push back. I want to fight temptation.
Push back push back. I will come through.
Push back.
© 2006 Guideline

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