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In His Promise lyrics

by Opposition Of One

Countless are the days, since I last heard your voice,
but I still have this sound of your voice in my ear.
And I ask myself when will I see you again.
The only thing I have left are your letters, written (with love) in blood.

Meanwhile my eyes are almost blind and my ears are almost deaf,
I still hope that I will find you at the right time 'cause i know this for sure.
You will deliver us from this time of sorrow, no matter what it takes.

You fulfill your plan and you fill my heart with love.

your intention is to bring us together, we don't know how that works
we ignored you, even after all you said, but now it's time to accept this masterplan.

You fulfill your plan...

Count on his words, he has never failed.
Take this revelation, open this mystery.

You fulfill your plan...

© 2006 Guideline

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