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Dishonest lyrics

by Opposition Of One

I've tried to get to know you so I began to watch your life.
It all seemed so natural to me it made me look at who I was.
As I looked straight in your eyes I saw a part of your heart
and without realizing feelings crept in my heart.
I can't be myself.

When I got to know you better and heard about all your faults
I learned you're not so different from me,
so why can't I just be myself.
It wasn't so hard to see. Lovers are blind don't see the truth.
It was wrong to hold you high now I see you in the right light.
I can't be myself.

I am not much different, what do I lose if I am upright.
You are not much different, what do you lose if you are upright.
We are not much different, what do we loose if we are upright.
I can't be myself.
© 2006 Guideline

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