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Before The Sunrise lyrics

by Opposition Of One

Before the sunrise before the sunrise, you'll come like a stranger

You stayed a long time in our midst and we will never forget,
how your presence strengthened our minds.
But then some people thought that you attracted
too much attention
so they decided that you had to leave us in this painful way.
Before the sunrise...

Before you left us and went on in your direction
you gave us your promise that you'll come back
and nobody knows the time it will be
except the one, who will send him back in time.

Pay attention
Stay awake for his return, cause it's near.

Before the sunrise...

Therefore he advised us to be ready for this moment
"just as a man can prevent trouble from thieves
by watching out for them, so you can avoid trouble
by always being ready for my return."

It's no use to guess or to calculate when it will be
cause many things have to happen first,
but there is one thing you can truly trust in
He'll come back and on that day we'll all see him.

Pay attention
Stay awake for his return, cause it's near.

© 2006 Guideline

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