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Wonder lyrics

by Michael W. Smith

Everybody wants to find a way
Everyone needs to know
There’s a reason we can trade our pain
And replace it with a rush of hope
Everybody with a weary heart
Can fall and rise again on grace
And when we’re searching for a place to start
The broken still can say

You’re not far away
You’re not far away
Every moment you’re a mystery
A miracle that makes me wonder

Everybody has enough to bear
And everyone feels the strain
There’s a lot that really isn’t fair
But it isn’t more than you can take
Everybody needs a hand to hold
To have a reason not to break
Everybody with a heavy load
Rest is on its way

You’re not far away
You’re not far away
Closer now, like a song in me
You’re everything I need to know

You’re not far away
You’re not far away
You’re alive in every word I sing
You’re a miracle that makes we wonder

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