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Let Me Show You The Way lyrics

by Michael W. Smith

I'm looking at you
Old friend of mine
It's no use pretending
That everything's fine
Now don't be so brave
Don't be so prous
I want you to know that
I'm here for you now

I can see you hurting and it's hurting me
It doesn't have to be this way

If you'd let me hold you
Let me know you
Let me show you the way

I'm feeling for you
Feeling so much
When this heart is big enough
For the both of us
I'll give you my love
If you give me your pain
I'll hold it inside of me
Til you're stronger again

Well I hate seeing you so far away
When not a word can say enough

I'll be your rock for this day
When I hear you calling out my name
Cause I know you'd only do the same for me

Somebody gonna hold your head up
Somebody gonna see you right
Somebody gonna show you the light
© 1998 Reunion

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