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Under The Sun (Ecclesiastes) lyrics

by Michael Card

He was a king a teacher,
the wisest in the land,
driven by a passion,
just to know and understand.
He opened wide his eyes,
sought to see beyond the lies,
and found a world beyond his understanding.

Under the sun,
he saw the vanity of vanities.
He bravely looked at life and saw futility.
Torn between the facts he saw and all he ever had believed,
between his hopes and what he'd clearly seen.

He hoped it might be wisdom,
so he set himself to learn,
but found the more the knowledge,
the more sorrow and concern,
and so he turned to pleasure,
to folly and to cheer,
but still his laughter tasted of his tears.

Under the sun it was all vanity of vanities.
In wisdom or in wine, he found futility.
In knowledge or in folly,
for the wise man or the fool,
hoplessness will always be the rule

And yet there is a time for everything under heaven;
a time to run, a time to stand and fight.
So in the face of cold despair, no matter what seems right,
remember darkness drives us to the light.

Under the sun,
true there is vanity of vanities.
But there is more to life.
There is security.
Remember your Creator in the days when you are young,
and He will be your hope under the sun.

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