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In The Beginning lyrics

by Michael Card

In the beginning was the beginning, and in it it all began
All that they had was God and the garden, the woman and the man
Before creation learned to groan, the stars would dance and sing
Each moment was new, every feeling was fresh, for the creature her king and queen

But deep in the heart of that beautiful garden, forbidden truth was found
They were deceived, disobeyed, and were driven from that holy ground
But beside the tree of disobedience, the tree of life did grow
The gift of its fruit and eternal beginning, but they would never know

The beginning will make all things new, new life belongs to him
My child begin again
My child begin again
You're free to start again

This very moment is filled with his power, that wee might start anew
To break us away from the past and the future, he does what he must do
And so the Alpha brings to us, this moment to commence
To live in the freedom of total forgiveness, with reckless confidence

Chorus (X2)

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