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Allah, Allah, Allah lyrics

by mewithoutYou

In everywhere we look (x6)
Allah, Allah, Allah
In everywhere we look

In everyone we meet (x6)
Allah, Allah, Allah
In everyone we meet

In every blade of grass (x6)
Allah, Allah, Allah
In every blade of grass

It doesn't matter what you done
It doesn't matter what you done
What effect is without a cause?
It doesn't matter what you done
Now lay your faithless head down
In necessities cotton hand
There's a love that never changes
No matter what you done

If your old man did you wrong (x3)
Well maybe his old man did him wrong
If you care to sing forgiveness songs
Come down and join our band
We'll cut you like sword
And sing forgiveness songs

Everywhere we look (x5)
It's all crazy
It's all false
It's all a dream
It's alright
Everywhere we look
© 2009 Tooth & Nail Records

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