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Hymn In C lyrics

by Matt Papa

God of love You came to earth
Born in a manger, the incarnate Word
Full of grace, and full of truth
You healed the leper, You made all things new
Religion despised Your word of love
Condemned You to die in Your innocence
Condemned You to die in Your innocence
A crown of thorns and mockery
Were Yours my Savior, my precious King

Strained with blood and bruised with pain
The Lamb of God on a cross of shame
Never before and never again
Was love so great, was death so grim
There on the hill You died for me
You took my sin gave me liberty
I'll never boast but in Your cross
And all my gains I now count as loss

When sins they rob my heart of joy
When condemnation seems to steal even more
This I recall, You rose again
And I rose with You, Hallelujah amen.
So if I live in want, or die in shame
To live is You and to die is gain
I in You and You in me
My God, my brother, my identity

Were I tempted with the best of earth
All its pleasures and all its gold
And if fame in all its kingdoms
Was in my hands to hold
I'd scorn it all for You've given me
The treasure of Your Son
And now I'm richer than the richest
For You've given me Your love

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