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God Of Grace lyrics

by Matt Papa

To the faithless You are faithful
To the broken You are able
To the captives You are liberty
To the orphan You are Father
To the widow You are a lover
To the blind You are eyes to see

God of grace
You took our place
You love us where we are,
all the weak and broken sing, we love You God of grace

To the homeless You are shelter
To the thirsty living water
To the lame You give them feet to dance

To the helpless You are a brother
To the hungry You are bread
and to all sinners You are second chance

Merciful in all Your ways
How could we cease to sing Your praise
You became sin for us
Oh how precious is Your love

And now redeemed Your children sing we love You God of Grace
Bells will ring Your bride will sing we love You God of Grace

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