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I've Sinned My Lord lyrics

by Mariah (me)

Verse I
I don't know where I wanna go with this but I know somehow it'll mean somethin. I hope to tell you how I feel through this song, and I need to apologize what I did was wrong. I'm hoping in all your glory you'll forgive me. If it's not asking to much to be saved. I believe in you three times a day I pray. My life is in your hands but to my dismay

I've sinned my Lord
Come take me higher
I've sinned my Lord
That is my desire
I've sinned my Lord
But I've changed my priorities
Jesus take me please

Verse II
Last night I brought out my bible. Because I knew I was lost
So I got down to my knees and started praying.
Lord please help me see. The wrong in what I've been doing. Guide me so my mediocrity may become decency, help me be all that I can be.

Chorus x2

Only you can take me higher
In my eyes you can see the fire
I sacrifice my mind body and soul
And now I know that I am not alone
Lord may she rest in peace and all the rest of you lookin down on me
Help me now I'm on the rocks
On behalf of myself I'm praying

Chorus x2

Chorus (Acapella) x2

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