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Not Ready To Die lyrics

by Manafest

Breathe, reflect in between my rhymes
Donít know if tomorrow will be my time
Release, ya whole mind body and soul
Up in your zone this worldís out a control
Cause If I die before I wake
Pray to God my soul he takes I got one life, one heart, one mind
Iím not ready die, letís stay alive

Why would I lie if I know itís true?
If Iím wrong than Iím wrong than I say thatís cool
Itís the law of the earth thatíll kill me first
Itís the God of the universe who saved my birth
Not cocky, not watching, I donít care if yall diss
I got 100 verses 40 songs take ya pick
Average man lives to 65, I got 9 lives
Courtesy of Christ Iím a use all 9
So find me atrocious, I rhyme with emotion
Iím floating in here you better come up for air
You got cash, clothes, a chick, Zero percent
With crack up ye nose bro it donít make sense
And itís been that way youíre not D.O.A (dead on arrival)
Yo, did you hear me this life is getting scary
Know what youíre about not just knowledge of self
You got one chance to play, and ya cards are dealt

I canít be held down, to your worldly styles
Get up and bounce Ricochet off my sound
I ainít ready to, die
I got mileage to ride
I stopped playing with yall,
Between hating my God
Figured him on my side, I could fly or
Walk the waters,
Heal his daughters youíve never seen an artist
To spit this truth, this year, kill fear
Iím the new pioneer, and Iím still a kid

I ainít got time to waste, this be the last one
The outcome of life Iím unsure, Iím not done
Leave yall a message, and answer some questions
The who what why we here
Whyís there fear, if I die, do I rise like birds of the air?
My opinion is clear, in position to care
I canít give it away give it away
What they say canít make or break me
Save me before I start changing
Earthlings I want to hear youíll sing
Stretch ya life out long, I wanna see it bling
Cause if I die I know whatís on the other side
One life one God, and Iím flying high

© 2005 Bec Recordings / Emd

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