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Mr. Calvin lyrics

by Like David

I'm ready to go
Got my head packed in my bag
It's knowledge you know
This is how I got myself trapped
Deceived I'm holding hands with
The liar, my foe
But let me run my mouth no
Are you my friend or foe?

Your mouth runs quicker than your heart

Are they really being fed? Yeah
The people you spit to
When you walk away are they
Uplifted or does their face sink
And their eyes go dead
And you call yourself a Christian
Do you really want to serve Him
Or fill your stomach with pride?

That's a book one hundred and two
No hesitation
To rip down your brother and your sister too
Better show some hesitation
With your predestination

All you have hesitation
To look with your heart

To look with your heart
You think you know everything
Those who know God
Are known by God
Is hesitation

This is how the song ends
I pray it steals your peace and
You begin to look in
Mr. Calvin-ist man

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