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Tweezy Dance lyrics

by KJ-52

ayyyyy ohhhhh
we doing the tweezy dance

so every time right now that you thinking of us
I gotta dance thats kind of smooth like some cocoa butters
it’s gonna be even bigger than jonas brothers
I wont stop till my face is on some pillow covers
I’m a leave ya suckas now up straight shook
cause all you other little dances got ya lame hooks
and while you fronting right there w/ yo hard looks
im in a snuggie rocking out down to garth brooks
every single time that you try to rock
you looking awkward kind of like ya Michael Scott
in the office come off this it’s time to stop
I got a dance you can rock right upon ya block
just take ya hands man then ya swing em round
just like a fish out the water laying on the ground
just be careful right when ya swing em now
you swing the wrong way you’re friend you gonna lay him out

rock it in ya car even if they kind of laugh
pull up to the light and you can watch em start starting back
but watch ya arm man when you might swing it fast
and swing all around and just smack it on the dash
this is the dance for those who don’t know how to act
you do it right every time that you’re looking wack
but watch ya dad he might throw out his back
but watch ya grandma in the car she might kind of crash
now put ya fingers down inside ya palm
swing em around w/ ya miley cyrus tshirt on
act the very opposite of remaining calm
and just do it till you’re screamed at by ya mom
tell them people they can’t get w/ this
and let em know that you’re fresher than some breath mints
you look like carlton from the fresh prince
that’s the tweezy dance man what you guess kid

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