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Calling You (Feat. J.R.) lyrics

by KJ-52

each and every time I call
each and every time I fall
you will get me through it all
even if I’m against the wall

now I was like LOL
you hit me w/ a call but it wasn’t on a cell
I went and got ya voice mail
right at the times when all the choice failed
I was heading right towards hell
laughing like ROFL
I couldn’t even find self
but you hit me on back like TTYL
and yet I still keep stressing this
you still keep sending ya text messages
and then I read all ya sentences
66 books broke down in 2 testaments
and then I started to make sense of this
understood now what the lesson is
you got me standing on the precipice
will I call you w/ the hopes that ya getting this saying

so you still calling me
but I hit you on back like BRB
you said believe on me
and I couldn’t miss that like some neon green
it was all beyond me
yet I’m still playing games like it’s 3 on 3
you said lean on me
just call out my name like OMG
now before I see death
ya better write back soon like WBS
I couldn’t see what’s next
so stressed you was like did you read the text
when it comes down to sin
we just get owned like PWN
but since I got a new best friend
its BFF all the way to the end so I say..

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