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One More Try lyrics

by Kendall Payne

So much deeper than the oceans is the heart of man
So much higher than the mountains
Are the things that I donít understand
Like why Iím crying over someone who will never give a damn

We have boarded up the basement for the storm has found its prey
I have bottled my emotions and saved them for a rainy day
Now Iíll drink the bitter poison of a love thatís been delayed

Since Youíve been gone, I canít fight it I canít fight it
Iíve tried for too long I canít hide it I canít hide it anymore

This has called for desperate measures
We have left our pride behind
We are aging with the hours of this superficial life
And I refuse to be a failure, I have to give it one more try

But I doubt that you are listening and I doubt that you are moved
I have doubted every step along this long and darkened journey
But I have never doubted you
Now the longing has awoken and I donít know what to do

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