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Not Afraid to Be Me lyrics

by Kendall Payne

Iíve got a new way of living now a little less of a lot
A little more of nothing
Thought you might have seen the change in me
Little quicker to listen little slower to speak

I was wrong when I said I was strong I am weak and I need
All that you have to give
I cannot keep the voices quiet inside
Hear them sing hear the scream, at least I know Iím alive

Now I am meeting myself and I am liking what I see
I am not afraid anymore Not afraid to be bored
Not afraid to be me

Every battle leads to another war
Every day Iím reminded of what Iím fighting for
Itís never easy and itís never the same
But itís worth all Iíve got and so Iíll give it again

Now I donít know why, I donít know why
But it makes me want to cry, cry

I am meeting myself and I am ready to see
Truth can break our heart that is when it will start
To set us free

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