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Summer Song lyrics

by Jump5

its a cool break, u know I cant wait
every day's like a Sunday and we're
hearing the radio playing
take the long way
under the sun to our cool summer song

sun is rising and the day is here
we'll celebrate so don't be late, the time is near
grab your friends and like a rocket we're there
to where the party charges up every year
where we laugh forever

taste the perfect weather
everyone together
pack your bags for the memories we make
so lets jet out today


cruising underneath a cloudless sky
when we feel the sand, we know we've arrived
everyday and every wave's a sweet ride
we will take out time until the tide says goodbye
we will all remember

these days are just like heaven
in our minds we fly there
pack ur bags for the memories we make
so lets jet out today

cool summer song
good times we love
like heaven forever
the purest perfection


© 2002 Sparrow

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