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Forever In My Heart lyrics

by Jump5

You are the hero, ill never be
but don't You know, I wanna be like You
and I'm so glad You're a part of me
ill go with You wherever You want to

You came to save me from myself
You took the blame (shame)
You love me like nobody else
so I say..

now and forever
I'm with You
wherever You lead me, ill go too
we'll be together
I know its true
now I know that You are
You are forever in my heart

and when I think about all You've done
You know its hard for me to believe it
and when I see all the love You give
I can't deny it, I gladly receive it

who can do everything that You've done

who can love in the way that You love
You are forever in my heart

© 2002 Sparrow

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