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Only Alive lyrics

by Jars Of Clay

i'm a fair-weather friend
i'm a colorless view
but i'm willin' to make a deal
if you think you can make some faith here inside
i'll drive off and marry you

i'm only alive with you
i can't get by and i won't get through
so put me in the river and let me say i do
i'm only alive with you

you're a sight for sore eyes
and a newborn cry
in a year where there are so few
if you throw me a line, i'll show you in time
i'm fallin' in love with you


though my heart has been torn
the loves i have worn
and i'm tempted by them ever still
i tremble inside when you walk in the room
you hold my affections and will

[CHORUS x 2]
© 2003 Essential

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