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Second Guess lyrics

by Hangnail

It's amazing, when I think that everything we had,
is disappearing, I never thought freedom could be so bad.
Were you thinking, of the future still ahead,
and are you thinking, of everything you said.
And it seems I'm all right, every time we talk about it.
I'm holding out inside, you really think it's right, (it's not my fault).
How could this go wrong, when everything sat perfect in its place.
And how could this end up, another dream that? fallen on its face.
What could I have done, what can be done to change your mind.
And is it worth trying, or is it just a waste of time.
You can't be right, cause it's taken us so long to find this out,
when it's never been my fault, it's not my fault,
it's not my fault, when it? going down the drain, its not my fault.
If I give up now I know it's all my fault.

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