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Profit Motive lyrics

by Gwen Stacy

You gave your life away in hopes for something more.
Did you think you would find the answer to questions centuries old by sitting on your hands? You wont find your answer.

Say what you came here to say. All eyes are fixed on ruins.

If there's a hope for change to be made then now is your time to deliver. Rise above.
The calm is wearing thin.
Rise above.
I feel this growing.
This is love.
It's what we're made for.
This is love.
We're never backing down.
This time I am so sincere.
You blot out the sun with your mouth open wide, and built a spiritless empire to reach your heaven.
You're stumbling.
You're tripping now.
How worthless this all seems.
And your time is running out.
How worthless this all seems.
Take an axe to the root.
Cut out your eye.
The towers crumble.
The lowly sing.
We all sing: This is me, I know it's not what you wanted.
This is me, My heart is so sincere.

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