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Braveheart lyrics

by Gwen Stacy

"I try to sleep with the shakes, but they keep me awake.
I am a son of sin with a heart of scars
Hiding in the shadows because the light reveals my flaw."

"I made you. I brought you into this world."

"I'm searching for the one place in this world
Where I can escape from your eyes."

"Don't ever think you can use my name to clear your own."

"I wake up sweating from sleep
Because it seems that dreams can be nightmares."

"I know you know.
Lie in the bed that you built
With your own two hands.
No greater shame has a man
Than laying down a friend's life for his own."

"I know that you know
That you threw it all away.
Who are you that you may choose who is worthy of mercy?"

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