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Wonderful Wonder [New Version] lyrics

by Ginny Owens

I don't know the ocean's crystal blue,
and I don't climb the mountains for the view.
Or wish upon the stars above my head,
or bear witness to a marvelous sunset

But the very thought of things I've never seen,
Is all it takes to bring me to my knees.

Oh what a wonderful wonder,
A display of great beauty and power
Oh what a wonderful wonder
You are to me

I wish that I could see life through your eyes.
To gaze upon the canvas from your side
To understand all that you've done before
And to realize the plans you have in store.

And when I long to know what I don't see
You give me the courage to believe.


I can hardly wait until the time
when you will turn my darkness into light.
and I'll finally find my way to heaven's door
where I won't need my faith anymore.

And when my eyes behold your majesty
I'll join with the angels and we'll sing


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