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Something More lyrics

by Ginny Owens

I've spent half my lifetime
watching time go by
And wonderin' where it went
And when I try to fall asleep at night
I lay there feeling spent
Contemplating what the next day's
Gonna hold for me
Tossing, turning
My mind is churning
thoughts won't let me be
Every morning meets me
With a list of all I have to do
And every evening greets me
With the knowledge that I'm never through
And every taste of success
Makes me vow to never fail
Feels like I just chase my tail

There's gotta be something more
Than running circles for a living
Gotta be something better
Than just trying to survive
Gotta some more important piece
That I am missing
Gotta be something more to life

If every picture tells a story
Mine must be a mystery
Cuz I lose sight of who I am
And who I am supposed to be
looking back at what I've built
and all that I've acheived
only leads me to believe


tired of these hopeless places
bored with my earthly things
so i must fill my empty spaces
with the love that heaven brings

*chorus 2x

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