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Every Word You Say lyrics

by Geoff Moore

I donít know how You love me
but Youíre knocking at my door
how can I ask You to take me
when itís been like this before
I canít guess why You want me
just exactly as I am
cause even though Iím still me
still You always understand

all I know is the darkness goes
when You take me in

you know it sounds crazy
you know itís hard to believe
when You say that You love me
somebody like me
and though Iíll never understand Your ways
Iíll believe in every word You say

I donít know how to thank You
after all the work Youíve done
and I canít wait just to watch You

finish up what Youíve begun
I canít guess where Youíll lead me
but I know this much is true
that where You and I will be
I will be chasing after You

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