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Searchlights (Indoor Soccer) lyrics

by Falling Up

It's like a breath before the dive.
It's like the truth after a lie.
This flight is taking over. Searchlights in every corner.
Like I love you when you're gone.
Escaping in the dawn.
I swear we'll flood your city. No choice, it's what you're getting.

If you want to breathe will you just let me know.
If you want it, then you'll see it. Let me know.
Wash away the tears. Will you just let me know?
Need to see it, then you'll want it. Let me know.

The secrets in the wind.
The rumors now begin.
You want to hear the silence. You want the quiet sirens.
His blood is like the break.
The love you will not take.
I swear we'll flood your city. No choice, it's what you're getting

No one can breathe, no one can see.
They are asleep, they will be seen.

Breakaway the voice is calling.
Wake up, you're asleep and falling.
Not too late to open up your heart.
He will heal the shattered hopes.
And fly away the broken souls.
It's not too late to find out who you are.

(Psalm 34:8)

Send "Searchlights (Indoor Soccer)"

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