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New Hope Generation lyrics

by Falling Up

I've been there before, It's all I've ever known
Looking for the face I am
Where do I go? All that's in my sight
Are darkened dreams of empty lies
Hole is there it's waiting it is real
You are only what you want to feel
I can see your eyes and they are asking

We're a new hope generation
We can see the wasted lives in your faces
But we can see Messiah rise in these places
until the tears are gone

I've seen you before, you're always on your face
Trying to gfind the traces left
Hungry and tire, waiting for your need
Just hold him close he won't ever let you go

Open arms let your spirit pour

Here's the call to anybody at all who's ever had
The rise right after a fall
It's revolutional when we come like this
They can't believe we're living represenatives
It gives light unto the Gen. X and Y, resolution
With no generic reply
I stand aside a genre that's on a tear
Broken chains explain that we almost there
You think I will throw away
But I don't care what you say
Cause the one you push aside, will rule one day
you can not divide a unified youth nation
So where's my anointed now generation
© 2004 Bec Recordings / Emd

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