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Fearless (250 And Dark Stars) lyrics

by Falling Up

Empty house far away.
Lost in lonely space.
You know you've felt the same.
From the shallows in love, to the depths of your scars.
You know you want to change.
In the rafters a vate, fixed and spinning late.
There is a certain fear.
Even light with control, lights outside our homes.
Wait for every tear.
So exit the fall, and now it's over.
Your learning.
It's all before your heart.
I found a way out through everything I've known.
I'm walking fearless with my faith down and all that I own.
Don't take my picture cause I won't be there standing alone.
I'm living fearless.
Steady hands in the plains, calculated ways to call it ailing in figure.
Hearts far away when you work so late from a distant end.
Call it what you want, call it just a game, call it insane.
All of these voices.

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