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Under Serious Attack lyrics

by Emery

you've taken this too far
now it has to stop
once again
the table has turned
and i'm behind
picking up the pieces from the night
my face is scared
sometimes I feel that I can't trust myself at all

every time the sky
breaks open with sunshine
and streaming swords collide
it takes me back in time
I float away to another place
where heaven is waiting right outside

this is war
can I take it anymore
i'm falling faster and bleeding more than i have bled before
certain death (this blade will carve a purpose)
lingers on the other hand (and make you feel defeated)
but i will fight you and victory will be mine in the end
circumstances mean nothing
when it's over we will be heroes
constantly pushing forward without any fear

if i erased the line between
forgotten days and memories
i'd never change

resolution made (in vain)
to face (play out) the day
life is yours to save (save it)
or take (take it) away
© 2004 Tooth & Nail Records

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