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The Movie Song lyrics

by Emery

I'm the guy that dies at the beginning of the movie.
I'm the one who never makes it out of the cave.
It's because just when I have got everything going
for me baby, you come around and take it all away.

It's true, I would do anything for you.

She asked if this is cool.
What did you say?
I played it like a fool.
Oh, no!
It's like I've said before, I could die tonight
for just one kiss more.

On the brink, about to sink.
I'm drowning baby and I can't think...
Of a way to pull myself back to shore.
It's your face I can't take,
and my knees are about to buckle.
The same way as they did
the night you walked through my door.

Every time my eyes are closing there is just one word.
Once it's spoken, my eyes open,
and I'm yours to serve.

When your world tries
to blow itself up from the inside.
I will dig a foxhole for two.
So you know that I will always be there for you.
And maybe you would find a love for me too.
© 2007 Tooth & Nail Records

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