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Story About a Man With a Bad Heart lyrics

by Emery

Watch your makeup,
There is just a smudge beneath the eye.
You look great in that dress,
It hits every curve just right.
We've got dinner at eight, and then drinks by nine.
I love you so, it's our anniversary tonight.

Suddenly everything shakes as if it's starting to break.
And now I'm on my knees,
My wife screams, "What's Wrong!?"
As the stereo plays our song, Only in Dreams.

Just last Friday is when my heart failed again.
I was thinking that I should find a friend,
I bought her several drinks,
And slipped the ring into my hand.
We drove to her place
And let the good times roll again.

Suddenly everything shakes as my protection breaks.
And now I'm on my knees,
And I scream, "This was wrong!"
As I leave, the stereo plays the song, The Finishing.

Is this it? Is this how I have spent my life?
Lying there with a broken heart on bedroom floors.
And finally, finally I realize,
I realize I'm only a man.

One thing I have to know, where did the miracles go?
And if a simple man believes,
Will it start again with me?

If I were the maker I would fashion out a blade.
To cut out every inch of dead heart I've made.
© 2007 Tooth & Nail Records

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