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Fractions lyrics

by Emery

one in three you're here
to tell me we can't do this anymore
(one in three, you're here to tell me we can't do this
three for three, I will disagree)

your hair and face against the mirror
as i take the steps to save what's left of me
someone's out when it's over

people steal from you
they take anything they choose

it's good to see you
(I missed you last night)
that's such a lovely color
(it goes with your eyes)
before we fall asleep
(I just wanted to say)
this all seems so easy but there are choices to make

can't decide, then look at the faces
we're burning the pages
and hurting ourselves with this false start
resign yourself to always be (and we pretend as if it gets easier)
without the one thing you need (but does it get easier)
debating words with no reply
when we have these mornings where we can say goodbye

I wanted to mean everything to you
but this isn't right
you keep coming back disassembled
and I keep losing this fight

I won't answer

dancing under starlight glow
no one in the city knows
confidence can take you
when nerves try to shake you
from going all the way
it's not that far

we watch the tide roll in
(with cold air and coffee cakes)
holding our words at lips
(stopping the sounds they make)
we know the way to go
(we know what steps to take)
to be here
© 2004 Tooth & Nail Records

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