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Don't Bore Us, Get To the Chorus lyrics

by Emery

He's never gonna get away (repeat)
So we sit and we wait for the curtains to fall.
And there are words that we could use,
But should never say at all.
But you do, you do, you do.
We met in the courtyard where no one would notice.
Two kids contemplating all high school had shown us.
And I told you "I loved you"
And I knew you believed it.
As I quieted my conscience, hoping you didn't see it.
But I do, I do, I do.

I just want to be with you tonight.
The mood is set, and we are here by candlelight.
I've paid my dues, so don't be rude,
Stop putting up a fight.
I just want to get with you tonight.

You know what they say,
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
But the questions remain
Until you can't take it any longer.

But I am still so young,
But I didn't know I could be so dumb.
And you, you're still so young,
And now I know that you're so dumb.

I'm never going to go away.
So what about you?

I'm never satisfied, so let them all fall side by side.
Side by side, one more will fall tonight.
One more to promised lies.
The morning brings the dreadful light.
So you can see that you have fallen.
Side by side, let them fall.

© 2007 Tooth & Nail Records

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