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Can't Stop the Killer lyrics

by Emery

You'll raise the daughter and she'll raise the son.
You'll live like two people that wish they were one.
She may not be perfect,
but oh my friend neither are you.
You feel like you're waiting for somebody
to remind you of all the things
that you were supposed to do.
Careful what you reach for, one more step
and you're falling through.

Your family's a joke and your job is your life.
The time spent without them
is time spent most every night.
Get your house in order
'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

(You can't stop the killer.)

I work my hands right down to the bone
still you don't give me what I want.
You are so ungrateful,
we're more like a house than a home.
Please dear understand,
I'm sorry again for all that I said.
How could you leave?
I swear that I'll be a better man.
Well, go ahead and run, run, run
from the man with the gun in his hand.
Darling I would shoot you before I would ever let you leave.
Oh, dear God.

In a certain place I've kept my outs,
one for us both, two for my doubts.
I'm shaking.
I'm hollow because I know how to get this done
so I will be the only to follow,
to follow through with this.

You kneel beside her at the foot of the grave.
Your daughter is crying
and you say she's in a better place.
She was never perfect,
oh, my friend, neither were you.
© 2007 Tooth & Nail Records

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