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Dance lyrics

by Dizmas

tonight's perfect i feel like movin around
to the kick kick, kick on in
it's been a long time walking in a straight line
let's get away you know we gotta get away
we'll find the open skies that open up our eyes
far from city lights let the night shine
throw an old record on play your favorite song
might be our only chance (trance)

dance when you're feelin it move
when you're feelin this grove
when you know that you just can't take it
dance with all that you've got
cause it's all that we're not
we will find that we just can't fake it, dance

still got this nervous feeling
it's got that energy, the kind that moves me
theres a glow in the air from the power lines
there's a whole lot of life in the bonfire
going outside the walls falling into the charm
i wanna dance i wanna dance through the night
come come come come on come on wo ho
come come come come on come on and dance

one day we will be together standing near the sunshine

© 2008 Forefront / Emd

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