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Love Hate (On and On) lyrics

by Disciple

Little one thats full of innocence
He dosen't know that somethings out of place.
Another one dreames murder all the night,
He's been living full of hatred all his life.
Well I quess its always been this way.
A world thats full of love and hate.
Oh God but will it stay this way?
So much love, so much hate.

It goes on and on and on around and again [x2]

Her mothers willing to give her life
While another one throws away his child.
A son stands and he turns the other cheek.
While another one spits in his face while he beeds.
This evil is thinning, its heartache, in our skin[x2]
What are we? When will we? Why are we still wondering? [x2]
Oh Jesus i cant take the hate anymore.
Save me from myself before...

It goes on and on and on around and again [x4]
© 2006 Sony

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