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The Spirit of Revival lyrics

by Darrell Evans

Through the fire and water
You have faithfully
Brought us to this place
Of abundance
And your face
Shines upon us
You give
Abundant showers of grace
To refresh your weary people
Stir us again
For revival
That your ways be known
On the earth

So let the rains pour
Down harder
Let the river run wider
Let the winds carry farther
Let the fire burn brighter
The spirit of revival

Let it roll like the smoke
Let it roll like the sea
Let the spirit of revival
Come roll over me
Roll over me

The lord announces his word
And his people proclaim it
And this move of his spirit
No words and describe it
No darkness can hide it
So the land will yield its harvest
And the lord god will bless us
And the whole earth
Will fear him
The kings will revere him
And glorify jesus

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