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Suspects, Alibis And Partners In Crime lyrics

by Chasing Victory

There are secrets that we've been keeping.
All the fireworks, but like some shadow you kept following me
Or like some sickness or some discomforting disease
You try to get under my skin and poison me from within,
But when cities fall they build them back much taller than they were.
Is this love contagious.
Well if you really want to know.
I never felt the way you did so oh, let this go.
There's a difference to our opinions,
and a chemical imbalance that makes you terrible with boys;
you're so terrible with people.
You could be a killer valentine with a broken heart and bloody knife.
But I hope you never really ever go that far.
Don't let this go to your head.
I told you once before, that there's really no good reason.
You want a reason?!
My hands are tears in my eyes screaming is it over.
I've been plotting this escape.
Not thinking of the consequences of my mistakes.
I just want to be found and then I lost you!

© 2005 Mono Vs Stereo

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