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Oceans Away lyrics

by Chasing Victory

Meet me at the shore or should it be half way.
I've got a feeling I'll wake the dead tonight,
And they're headed right this way!
I'll write it on the walls, a map of where to go when the seas is turning.
Oh yeah it's turning!
You better believe it's turning.
I will build a ship that will never sink as long as I'm alive.
When I see the sails I'll come running to you
And we'll kiss for the very first time.
If you'll come back home I'll fall into your arms.
All the plans are made.
We'll open graves with love.
There's a walking dead, he's right there!
Love is so direct, and you're exactly what I've waited for, there's a ghost.
He's ready to slit your throat.
I didn't get your letters.
Something is up.
I'm having terrible dreams.
You'll die it seems.
I can't let this happen.
I've gotta get to you and stop this madness.
He'll walk the plank for his infractions.

© 2005 Mono Vs Stereo

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