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Starts With Goodbye lyrics

by Carrie Underwood

I was sitting on my doorstep
Hung up the phone and it fell out of my hand
But i knew i had to do it
And he wouldn't understand

So hard to see myself without him
I felt a piece of my heart break
But when you're standing at a crossroad
There's a choice you gotta make

i guess it's gonna have to hurt
I guess i'm gonna have to cry
And let go of some things i've loved
To get on to the other side
I guess it's gonna break me down
Like falling when you're trying to fly
It's sad, but moving on with the rest of your life
Starts with goodbye

I know there's a blue horizon
Somewhere up ahead just waiting for me
But getting there means leaving things behind
Sometimes life's so bittersweet

(Repeat chorus)

Time heals the wounds you feel somehow
But right now

(Repeat chorus)

© 2005 Arista

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