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Use Me lyrics

by Bob Carlisle

Itís been a long time cominí
Iíve laid around this old town for years
And Lord itís time that I stop runniní
From the very voice that summoned me here
I canít hide Your calling forever
Start a fire in my soul
Cause Lord Iím ready, and willing
To give You my all, You just

Give me a vision, show me a sign
Tell me You love me like the very first time
Youíve got the power and Iíve got the need
Iím standing before You
Father just use me

Iíve lived a lifetime of mercy
Hard-headed, and set in my ways
And if Iíve hurt You, dear God
Iím sorry
I took for granted Your amazing grace
But if thereís one chance in a million
You could reach one soul through me
Then father Iím ready, and able
To answer Your call, You just


Take my hand
Father take my hand
Donít look back
No, thereís no lookiní back
Jesus start a fire in my soul
Thereís a fire in my soul
Iím ready, able to give You my all

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